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With the increasing of outbound tourism,immegration,Cleance for import and export Luggage become more and more popular.
Articals in luggage should be under passengers own uses. Exceed own uses,Can not be imported or exported or paid tax.Below are the limit for quantities and values for exported and imported luggage:

First Class of Items:
Fabrics,Cloths,Shoes,Caps,Arts and other household items which value is lower CNY1000.00(Including CNY1 000.00).Value for over  CNY800.00 and lower CNY1000.00 can be only one piece per limit.
Second Class of Items:
Tabacco, alcoholic beverages。
Residents in HongKong and Macao and residents in China Mainland duty free quantities:cigarette 200,cigar 50,pipe tobacco:250g. alcoholic beverages:1bottle(lower than 0.75L)with alcoholic over 12%.    
Other residents,Duty free quantities:cigarette 200,cigar 50,pipe tobacco:250g, 2 bottles(lower than 1.5L)with alcoholic over 12%.    
Third Class of Items:
Household items which value is over CNY1000.00 but lower CNY5000.00.
1> Only 1 piece is duty free for diplomatic personnel in outside territory,Chinese  overseas’students,Chinese visiting scholar,Exported labor and foreign aid who stayed in foreign for every 180days(Calculate from day of day of registeration till graduation for Chinese visiting scholar,Chinese overseas’students).Only                                   1 piece is duty free for crew who stayed in foreign contries per every 120 days.  
2> 1 piece is duty free for Other passengers one time entry in every year.
1. Value for above imported items will refer to the dutiable value which authorized by customs government.Value for exported items will refer to the commercial invoice by seller.
2. Passenger  who is lower than 16 ages,Only 1st class of  items can be passed.
3. Above is not valid for passengers who in and out of China many times in short time(More than twice in 15 days.   

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